Economic imperialism : a book of readings /

Άλλοι συγγραφείς: Boulding, Kenneth E. 1910-1993, Mukerjee, Tapan
Μορφή: Βιβλίο
Γλώσσα: English
Έκδοση: Ann Arbor : University of Michigan Press, c1972.
Πίνακας περιεχομένων:
  • Introduction / by K. E. Boulding
  • The economic taproot of imperialism / by J. A. Hobson
  • Dynamics of imperialism / by P. T. Moon
  • On imperialism / by J. A. Schumpeter
  • The concept of economic imperialism / by R. Koebner
  • Imperialism: an historiographical revision / by D. K. Fieldhouse
  • The nature of economic imperialism / by D. S. Landes
  • Economic imperialism revisited / by M. Blaug
  • Notes on the theory of imperialism / by P. A. Baran and P. M. Sweezy
  • The effects of British imperial policy / by R. P. Thomas
  • Theory of economic drain: impact of British rule on the Indian economy, 1840-1900 / by T. Mukerjee
  • Rising demands and insufficient resources / by H. and M. Sprout
  • War as an investment: the strange case of Japan / by K. E. Boulding and A. H. Gleason
  • Russian imperialism today / by T. P. Whitney
  • The mechanism of neo-imperialism / by T. Balogh
  • Burdens and benefits of empire: American style / by M. Bronfenbrenner.