Special people, special needs

Describes various kinds of special needs children and their care in a child care and classroom environment. Designed to help child care practitioners and teachers learn how to handle these children in a compassionate and supportive manner.

Corporate συγγραφέας: Creative Educational Video, Inc.
Μορφή: VHS
Γλώσσα: English
Άλλες Λεπτομέρειες Έκδοσης: Lubbock, Tex. :, Creative Educational Video,, c1993.

University of Macedonia Library: Δωμάτιο Ο/Α (AV Room)

Ταξινομικός #: HV888.S64 1993
Συλλογή: Videocassette
Αντίγραφο 1 suppl.
Videocassete VHS
Αντίγραφο 1
Videocassete VHS