The American traveller, or, Observations on the present state, culture and commerce of the British colonies in America, and the further improvements of which they are capable with an account of the exports, imports and returns of each colony respectively,--and of the numbers of British ships and seamen, merchants, traders and manufacturers employed by all collectively : together with the amount of the revenue arising to Great-Britain therefrom : in a series of letters written originally to the Right Honourable the Earl of ********* /

Πρώτος συγγραφέας: Clúny, Alexander.
Μορφή: Ηλεκτρονική πηγή
Γλώσσα: English
Άλλες Λεπτομέρειες Έκδοσης: London :, Dilly,, 1769.
Διαθέσιμο Online: Full text online

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